Friday, January 9, 2015

Mr. Olsens Pedo Adverture!

Edit: We do know the image was not working, we have now fixed it. The anti-gamergate tantrum-odyssey of the... not very bright Mr. Danial Olsen is a sad tale of actions likely to make the man end up in jail, and by now I'm sure you've heard most of it. 

I'm sure you've heard about a wannabe hacker setting up a board on 8-chan as bait, then notifying a few of their batpoop smoking friends, including Mr. Olsen.  And I'm sure you've heard about Mr. Olsen posting blurred out versions of what he thought of as underage pornagraphy found on this bait board, yet were actually child beauty contest pictures in an attempt to bring THE LAW down on 8-chan, and in his imagination, shut down the gamergate "base".  Still sickening, sure, but not technically illegal.

And yesterdays doozey, Mr. Olsen claiming he was behind the 8-chan DDoS.  Which, if I'm not mistaken, takes a tad more money to fund than a teacher would have lying about.  Really, Lizard Squads, um, 'tool' is much more likely to be rented out by criminal gang or an over privileged rich kid with a chip on their shoulder, for example, the Alex Littleshitz's, Brian Wu's, and Chelsea Van (oh no, I'm ashamed of my real name!) Valkenburgs of the world, than a wannabe crusader devoid of such disposable income.

But I digress.  My point: "Rate My Teacher" page was filled with interesting reviews.
yesterday, the internet gave us a beautiful thing.  Because after Mr. Olsen's hubris-filled claim of being responsible for the 8-chan DDoS, Mr. Olsens

Though this 'attack' is still occurring, most of it is gone now, but someone I know had the foresight to screenshot the first page of what was at one point, three pages of lulz.  Containing such linguistic gems as: "The oral exm was very hard, he kept deepthroating me" and "he let me do some a-nal on the side for extra credit. Now its all A+'s"

The image below is presented in its original size for readability. Enjoy! :)

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