Thursday, November 13, 2014

Why #SJW's are not 'leftists', and even #GamerGate sites like Tech Raptor get it wrong.

So, I keep seeing things written in the media, on twitter, on alt-gaming news about how "radical leftists" or "progressives" are responsible for the current raping of culture.  Or how SJW's are 'leftists'  or 'feminists'...

No, no they are not. Not in the slightest.

Now, people on the rabid right? The serious conservatives that are bent on pushing a narrative of how every bad thing the right does is actually the fault of the left?  I cannot blame those types, thats what they do.  As repugnant as the Murdoch-Koch empire is, I have to give them kudos for being really, really good at pushing false narratives.

As for everyone else though, if you are over the age of say, 15 or so, you should have already learned what I am about to tell you.

Basically, if we delve into the taximony of the #SJW crowd, we can break it down into three types:

1) The easily duped.

These are the people who are a bit too trusting.  If you are charismatic, or can otherwise make them think that your views are widely held, you can lead them to believe just about anything you imagine, until someone comes along and makes them believe in the real world.  These people are often young, or neglected, and want someone to rescue them from boredom or neglect.  See the entirety of tumblr for examples.

2) The abused, the abandoned, and the ill.

Many of them have given up on humanity, because our harsh american society has given up on them.  Yet, they still yearn to be part of something, anything.  They may not be easily led, but  they need to feel that they are part of a pack so badly,  that once you can tap into their PTSD and pent up outrage, they will ignore the truth and all competing narratives in order to retain the social ties of the pack.  Rabidly defending it to the point of putting themselves in danger.

3) The Con-Artist.

Remember how I mentioned Fox News?  Well, things like Fox and 'reality' shows work because they take laser-aim straight at the emotional instincts of the mind.  The fight-or-flight reactions, the instant disgust reactions, the instant fear reactions.  A good story will lead you gently through these emotions and usually not go for the jugular right away... Whereas a skilled con-artist will take you straight to the emotional apex of fear, sympathy, or any other emotion in a split second.  Not every sociopath is a con-artist, but sociapaths are very good at this kind of thing.  These people will use any label they see fit to further their goals of making money.  Social unrest is lucrative.  The 'battle of the sexes' is lucrative.  Turns out "Feminism" is lucrative when you can recruit young teen girls on tumblr and fill their minds with a Kafka-Trapping dogma of hatred.

All that talk about Marxism or Progressivism? Just nice big words to hide the lies behind.  Hating other people is not progressive. Teaching people to hate their born instinct to start a family is not feminism.  Totalitarian dogma is not Marxism.  Stalinism sure, but not Marxism.  There is nothing social about hate.  There is no justice in having ones youthful energy wasted on the crooked agenda of  horrible people.

Con-Artists literally operate on the cult-of-personality, and when they do it on a wide basis, literally operate cults. They have no care for the lives they ruin, for the unrest they cause.  They only care about one thing, money.

The astute reader will have noticed that I have left out two types, trolls, and severe nutcases, because, to me, they do not matter in this discussion really.  Every political party, every group of any kind, has its share of assholes.

Assholes will be assholes, and that is something that does not change.

So hopefully, after reading this article, the next time you see Brietbart calling con-artists "radical leftists", or some cry-baby on Tech-Raptor talking about how he "grew up progressive, but voted all rebuplican because of #GamerGate"...

                                                              ...You will know just how full of shit they are ;)

Addendum: there are  many other parties besides SJW's interested in pushing their own narratives.  Thats really outside the scope of this blog, and this article.  I suggest  reading the Tao Te Ching and The Art of War as a starting point.  But to summarize: Governments, Religions, Corporations, and generally, those in power at any given time will use the tools available to them.  

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  1. Uh uh. You don't get to do that. For the last 20 years the right has had to lug around their crazies, like the black sheep that they are and take it directly on the chin in the media.

    The left doesn't get to cut bait and run from their failed shock attack on gaming, just because the last election is over and their votes are no longer needed lol. It isn't a conspiracy theory that there are bat shit crazy people on the left, in the blue tribe, whatever you refer to them as.

    For the first time in my life time they just came across people who refused to be emotionally disarmed like cowards and fight back.

  2. I think you read the headline, not the article ;)

    1. I read it. It wasn't bad, but it reminded me of a quote:

      "Victory has many fathers, Defeat is an orphan".

      Can I separate the SJWs from the union member, pro-choice democrat? Sure can. But SWJs are still on the fringe left, there is no doubt about it.