Monday, November 24, 2014

The We Fart Initiative - SJW's are over.

Hey you, yeah you.  Sitting there, literally raping my blog with your eyes.

I dont have to take that sick rape-fetishist fantasy stuff from you, or any of your SJW victim-cult friends  anymore, from this day forward.

Why?  Because today, we here at No Bullshit Gaming are announcing the "We Fart" initiative!


We want the world to be a safe space where everyone, except you fuckers, are welcome.

We think critical thinking is nowhere to be found on tumblr, /r/srs, talking time, or in any other SJW infested rathole.  Especially github.   Fork github right in the repro.  Forkin dongles.

We do NOT like to play silly elementary-school level social games, and think your winy asses should just grow up.

We think that if you want a world where free thought is seriously repressed, you should go back to late 1930's Germany, just before they rounded up all the Jews, Gays, and Trannies.

We think it is simply wrong to hate everyone.  Or wear sequined crocks.  That is seriously wrong.

Want to join us?

  • Whenever you see an SJW on Twitter, Facebook, Steam, Tumblr or any other social media service, post a gif of someone farting.
  • Add a splash screen with a fart animation to your game or redneck trailer!
  • Be sure to eat gassy foods, like beans, and mushrooms.
  • Whenever you see an SJW in public, be it bus, classroom, or elevator, cropdust them!

Lets raise a stink for free speech!

Addendum:  This was inspired by a discussion of recent events a couple days ago, when the SJW cult was at maximum cognitive dissonance. I decided to go a bit far with it, because humor should push boundries, even if its just a little.

#humor #parody #wefart #sjwcult

Please note the above is humor, and that we at No Bullshit Gaming believe that no one, ever, should be cropdusted.


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