Monday, November 10, 2014

S#!t, I guess I should post something.

I have some ah, interesting health issues going on, so this blog is far from my first priority in life.

I am not going to discuss them here, my job here is to entertain, not depress you ;)  If you reaaaaaly want to tho, you can dig into my twitter history and dig it up.  I wouldn't if I were you, I mean, how boring is that?

Let me say that I have met, well, virtually, great people through #GamerGate.  Real, intelligent, thoughtful, non-sheep kinda people.  And I appreciate all of you potential rapists, especially the humorous banter, because lets face it, life's too short not to laugh at the absurdity of humans trying to get away with shit when they have known better since they were five years old!

So, as long as I'm here, I'm going to start giving my own humorous spin on the 'stories' spun out by the news regarding gaming.  And I will make fun of the narrative, with no regard to precious snowflake feels, when the narrative is so far from the truth that it looks like it was written by a someone on eight different drugs and an IQ of 12. 

I'll open up comments, though I'll admit right now, if you are a 14 year old SJW girl who is  deathly afraid of your own vagina and thinks everyone wants to rape you?  I'm gonna delete those comments :)

And you are going to see some ads, though, not the live annoying kind, because shit costs money, and that is the capitalist world we live in.  If you like my crap, then you like the ad, click on it. If you dont like an ad, do not click on it :)

Wish me luck on my foray into writing better than the retards I see all over google news!

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