Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lets show everyone that #GamerGate supports transgendered people

I need your help, fellow supporters of ethics, fellow anti-puritans, fellow pokemon enthusiasts.

I need oh, 20ish people who are transgender to send me a video of themselves speaking about how gamergate has welcomed them with open arms.  How you have seen gamergate be nice to nice people, and question the logic of mean people, regardless of gender or color.  And whatever else you want to ad.

Yes, you can wear a mask if you want.  Yes, you can use something else than your real name.  No, I don't think I'm Oliver Campbell.  Nor do I expect this video to kick quite as much ass as his #NotYourShield video did.  No, though I have had a patreon up as a joke for a few months, I'm not starting a gofundme or an indiegogo, I can edit just fine with the stuff I have :)

But, I do feel transgendered people have an undeserved reputation, due to bad seeds like Brian Wu.

And personally, I'd be pissed if someone was constantly using me as a political football.

So, if you like the idea, and would like to be in the video, leave a comment.

I've set the comments to "moderated" so they basically all turn into messages straight to me.  Let me know what you want to say, etc, and I will let you know privately where to send videos.  If we get enough content fast enough, I might even be able to have it up on thanksgiving.  Maybe not, might go really slow... but with your help, we an do this.


Edit: Keep the clueless outrage comments coming!  They are very entertaining :)

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