Saturday, November 22, 2014

KFC's new Fried IDGA Flavor Chicken, with Mensa Seasoning!

There is an experience we all have when growing up.    I'm sure its different for everyone, but at some point not too long after we get exposed to the wider world in kindergarten or elementary school, we learn the difference between smart, and "smart".  And although sometimes the "look at me I'm smart" kids are actually smart, that's the exception to the rule.  So, I'm being generous here, by 7 at the latest, we all figure that out.

Well, almost all of us figure that out.

Except for people like Kate Edwards, Executive Director of the Independent Games Developer Association.  And Donna Prior, self-styled 'community builder' who apparently is a fan of running the type of convention panel no one would ever be caught dead attending.  This image making the rounds of the internet today tells the story of sheer incompetency:


Now,  if it was not terribly clear before, during last nights oppressive KFC #Poultryarchy kerfuffle on twitter, it is now painfully clear the IDGA, and the WIG have set themselves up for a few lawsuits.

And, we have a neon-lit illustration of what happens in adulthood when kids never learn the difference between "smart" and smart.

Addendum:  User BasediCloud, in a reddit thread posted near the time I posted this article, gives some additional links:

"inkedin donna archive:
the facebook link archive:
women.idga about archive:
twitter account WIG archive:
should be all of the links in the picture"

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