Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gamer Gate brings out twitter's SJW problem, so twitter brings in more SJW's

So the last few days, I've seen stories about WAM 'helping' twitter with its 'harassment problem'.

Here, is one such article about it. and, SPOILER, Andrew Sullivan seems just as happy as I am about it.

Who the fuck is WAM? Well, unfortunately, though they do share and acronym, WAM does not in this case refer to 'Wet and messy fetishism' Nope, this WAM is a 'leftist' woman's group 'fighting against gender bias in media'.  Now, I'm not going to do them the favor or you the insult of linking them here.  The page is full of horrible and racist graphic design to the point that it makes my half-ass blog look like masterpiece in comparison.

Nor am I going to discuss thier 'mission' much, because to me, WAM's mission statement looks like a blueprint on fleecing the more dull among us by using worn out gender outrage tropes.  Which, interestingly, seems much more common in the digital age than any science fiction writer thought it would be. Nor am I going to go into the fact that they are in no way shape or form, 'leftist'.

And one can only imagine the outrage agenda of such con-artists.

So.. twitter?  Your previous statements touting free speech?  Those legal battles you fought for your users?   Well, inviting WAM in does not pass the smell test twitter, not in the slightest.  You could, you know do something like bring in an impartial group to help you with this stuff, instead of people who insist on furthering the 'battle of the sexes' for profit.

But, twitter, I guess none of you have the balls to deal with your SJW problem. Because, you know, if you did, you would not be inviting more of them in?  Would you?

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Addendum: Predictably, Gawker has posted an outrage bait article defending WAM.  Archive Link here if you do not want to touch the poop.

Also, in  this thread reddit user DelusiveDinosaur points out that WAM is quite possibly violating California laws regarding internet privacy, and is most definitely violating EU laws on the matter.

One more thing, I know everyone reading this has a high enough IQ to know this, but do not troll, engage, or attempt to use logic with anyone from WAM unless you are legally and financially equipped to do so ;)

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