Monday, November 10, 2014

Blasting Away Enemies in Video Games Boosts Brain’s Learning, Research Suggests

Bloomberg has a story discussing a paper on PNAS that comes to the conclusion that people who regularly play video games are better at things such as multitasking and spatial awareness.

From the Bloomberg story:
"Players were better able to predict what was coming next, even when they were asked to identify patterns that had nothing to do with the game. Non-gamers also improved after researchers assigned them to play a game like “Call of Duty” for as long as two hours a day, five times a week for two months. The benefits lasted as long as a year.  "

Now, you know, that makes sense.  Why?  Well, what are you doing in the video games they discuss?  Most of the time, it boils down to hunting with friends.  Or one tribe against another.

As someone who plays these games, its always amazed me that, despite the fact 99% of us do not use them in a non-game setting, all the instincts for hunting are still there in the mind, just waiting to be used.

Both the Bloomberg story and the paper on PNAS talk about using call of duty to recover from a stroke.

And thats pretty big stuff for a hobby that's oft made fun of by the goody two-shoes of the world ;)

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