Monday, November 24, 2014

The We Fart Initiative - SJW's are over.

Hey you, yeah you.  Sitting there, literally raping my blog with your eyes.

I dont have to take that sick rape-fetishist fantasy stuff from you, or any of your SJW victim-cult friends  anymore, from this day forward.

Why?  Because today, we here at No Bullshit Gaming are announcing the "We Fart" initiative!


We want the world to be a safe space where everyone, except you fuckers, are welcome.

We think critical thinking is nowhere to be found on tumblr, /r/srs, talking time, or in any other SJW infested rathole.  Especially github.   Fork github right in the repro.  Forkin dongles.

We do NOT like to play silly elementary-school level social games, and think your winy asses should just grow up.

We think that if you want a world where free thought is seriously repressed, you should go back to late 1930's Germany, just before they rounded up all the Jews, Gays, and Trannies.

We think it is simply wrong to hate everyone.  Or wear sequined crocks.  That is seriously wrong.

Want to join us?

  • Whenever you see an SJW on Twitter, Facebook, Steam, Tumblr or any other social media service, post a gif of someone farting.
  • Add a splash screen with a fart animation to your game or redneck trailer!
  • Be sure to eat gassy foods, like beans, and mushrooms.
  • Whenever you see an SJW in public, be it bus, classroom, or elevator, cropdust them!

Lets raise a stink for free speech!

Addendum:  This was inspired by a discussion of recent events a couple days ago, when the SJW cult was at maximum cognitive dissonance. I decided to go a bit far with it, because humor should push boundries, even if its just a little.

#humor #parody #wefart #sjwcult

Please note the above is humor, and that we at No Bullshit Gaming believe that no one, ever, should be cropdusted.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

KFC's new Fried IDGA Flavor Chicken, with Mensa Seasoning!

There is an experience we all have when growing up.    I'm sure its different for everyone, but at some point not too long after we get exposed to the wider world in kindergarten or elementary school, we learn the difference between smart, and "smart".  And although sometimes the "look at me I'm smart" kids are actually smart, that's the exception to the rule.  So, I'm being generous here, by 7 at the latest, we all figure that out.

Well, almost all of us figure that out.

Except for people like Kate Edwards, Executive Director of the Independent Games Developer Association.  And Donna Prior, self-styled 'community builder' who apparently is a fan of running the type of convention panel no one would ever be caught dead attending.  This image making the rounds of the internet today tells the story of sheer incompetency:


Now,  if it was not terribly clear before, during last nights oppressive KFC #Poultryarchy kerfuffle on twitter, it is now painfully clear the IDGA, and the WIG have set themselves up for a few lawsuits.

And, we have a neon-lit illustration of what happens in adulthood when kids never learn the difference between "smart" and smart.

Addendum:  User BasediCloud, in a reddit thread posted near the time I posted this article, gives some additional links:

"inkedin donna archive:
the facebook link archive:
women.idga about archive:
twitter account WIG archive:
should be all of the links in the picture"

#IGDA #IDGAF #KFC #Poultryarchy #NotYourChicken  #WeaponizedChicken #ChickenGate #Mensa

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lets show everyone that #GamerGate supports transgendered people

I need your help, fellow supporters of ethics, fellow anti-puritans, fellow pokemon enthusiasts.

I need oh, 20ish people who are transgender to send me a video of themselves speaking about how gamergate has welcomed them with open arms.  How you have seen gamergate be nice to nice people, and question the logic of mean people, regardless of gender or color.  And whatever else you want to ad.

Yes, you can wear a mask if you want.  Yes, you can use something else than your real name.  No, I don't think I'm Oliver Campbell.  Nor do I expect this video to kick quite as much ass as his #NotYourShield video did.  No, though I have had a patreon up as a joke for a few months, I'm not starting a gofundme or an indiegogo, I can edit just fine with the stuff I have :)

But, I do feel transgendered people have an undeserved reputation, due to bad seeds like Brian Wu.

And personally, I'd be pissed if someone was constantly using me as a political football.

So, if you like the idea, and would like to be in the video, leave a comment.

I've set the comments to "moderated" so they basically all turn into messages straight to me.  Let me know what you want to say, etc, and I will let you know privately where to send videos.  If we get enough content fast enough, I might even be able to have it up on thanksgiving.  Maybe not, might go really slow... but with your help, we an do this.


Edit: Keep the clueless outrage comments coming!  They are very entertaining :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Black Friday Video Game Deals, 2 weeks to go! Nintendo edition

Black Friday is two weeks away, and for the brave souls who make the journey to celebrate shopping biggest holiday, there are deals to be had.

I'll start with Nintendo.

Best Buy:

Best Buy has the best deal I have seen so far:

A bundle with a 32gig Deluxe Wii-U, Mario 3D World, Super Smash Brothers, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and of course NintendoLand.. for $359.97  If you do not yet have a Wii-U, it looks like Black Friday is the time to buy!

They also have the 3DS XL paired with Mario Party Island Tour for $179 (which, BTW Kohls has for $149), eShop cards 15% off, and a Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box Starter Pack for the Wii-U at $39.99


Target on the other hand, has the individual game deals, with Super Mario 3D Land for $15, Mario Kart 7 at 50% off (so.. $30?) and a $15 gift card with purchase of Super Smash Brothers or Mario Kart 8.

The only hardware deal at Tarjete is a 2DS with Yoshi's new Island at $99


Besides a few old Wii games they appear to be trying to get rid of for cheap, you can get a 3DS XL with New Super Mario Brothers 2 for $149.


Amazon right now is doing its "countdown to black friday" deals, and those change daily.  Newegg usually has some good deals too, but usually not on Nintendo stuff.

Expect a post devoted to Playstation deals, and a post about XBONE deals SOON.

Why #SJW's are not 'leftists', and even #GamerGate sites like Tech Raptor get it wrong.

So, I keep seeing things written in the media, on twitter, on alt-gaming news about how "radical leftists" or "progressives" are responsible for the current raping of culture.  Or how SJW's are 'leftists'  or 'feminists'...

No, no they are not. Not in the slightest.

Now, people on the rabid right? The serious conservatives that are bent on pushing a narrative of how every bad thing the right does is actually the fault of the left?  I cannot blame those types, thats what they do.  As repugnant as the Murdoch-Koch empire is, I have to give them kudos for being really, really good at pushing false narratives.

As for everyone else though, if you are over the age of say, 15 or so, you should have already learned what I am about to tell you.

Basically, if we delve into the taximony of the #SJW crowd, we can break it down into three types:

1) The easily duped.

These are the people who are a bit too trusting.  If you are charismatic, or can otherwise make them think that your views are widely held, you can lead them to believe just about anything you imagine, until someone comes along and makes them believe in the real world.  These people are often young, or neglected, and want someone to rescue them from boredom or neglect.  See the entirety of tumblr for examples.

2) The abused, the abandoned, and the ill.

Many of them have given up on humanity, because our harsh american society has given up on them.  Yet, they still yearn to be part of something, anything.  They may not be easily led, but  they need to feel that they are part of a pack so badly,  that once you can tap into their PTSD and pent up outrage, they will ignore the truth and all competing narratives in order to retain the social ties of the pack.  Rabidly defending it to the point of putting themselves in danger.

3) The Con-Artist.

Remember how I mentioned Fox News?  Well, things like Fox and 'reality' shows work because they take laser-aim straight at the emotional instincts of the mind.  The fight-or-flight reactions, the instant disgust reactions, the instant fear reactions.  A good story will lead you gently through these emotions and usually not go for the jugular right away... Whereas a skilled con-artist will take you straight to the emotional apex of fear, sympathy, or any other emotion in a split second.  Not every sociopath is a con-artist, but sociapaths are very good at this kind of thing.  These people will use any label they see fit to further their goals of making money.  Social unrest is lucrative.  The 'battle of the sexes' is lucrative.  Turns out "Feminism" is lucrative when you can recruit young teen girls on tumblr and fill their minds with a Kafka-Trapping dogma of hatred.

All that talk about Marxism or Progressivism? Just nice big words to hide the lies behind.  Hating other people is not progressive. Teaching people to hate their born instinct to start a family is not feminism.  Totalitarian dogma is not Marxism.  Stalinism sure, but not Marxism.  There is nothing social about hate.  There is no justice in having ones youthful energy wasted on the crooked agenda of  horrible people.

Con-Artists literally operate on the cult-of-personality, and when they do it on a wide basis, literally operate cults. They have no care for the lives they ruin, for the unrest they cause.  They only care about one thing, money.

The astute reader will have noticed that I have left out two types, trolls, and severe nutcases, because, to me, they do not matter in this discussion really.  Every political party, every group of any kind, has its share of assholes.

Assholes will be assholes, and that is something that does not change.

So hopefully, after reading this article, the next time you see Brietbart calling con-artists "radical leftists", or some cry-baby on Tech-Raptor talking about how he "grew up progressive, but voted all rebuplican because of #GamerGate"...

                                                              ...You will know just how full of shit they are ;)

Addendum: there are  many other parties besides SJW's interested in pushing their own narratives.  Thats really outside the scope of this blog, and this article.  I suggest  reading the Tao Te Ching and The Art of War as a starting point.  But to summarize: Governments, Religions, Corporations, and generally, those in power at any given time will use the tools available to them.  

Feel free to comment!

#GamerGate  #SJW  #SJWcult #Fakes #Con-Aritsts #Assholes

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oliver Campbells #NotYourShield project is out tonight!

You may have seen Oliver asking around twitter for participants, and he might have gotten a few less than he had hoped, because, if I remember correctly, this project started out as all-woman.

Regardless, its out!  And its good.

I'm embedding it here, not so you can watch it on my site, but so you can click on it, head to youtube, and give Oliver a thumbs up and a subscribe! (ノ^◡^)ノ︵ ┻━┻

#NotYourShield #GamerGate #NotYourScapegoat #Youtube

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gamer Gate brings out twitter's SJW problem, so twitter brings in more SJW's

So the last few days, I've seen stories about WAM 'helping' twitter with its 'harassment problem'.

Here, is one such article about it. and, SPOILER, Andrew Sullivan seems just as happy as I am about it.

Who the fuck is WAM? Well, unfortunately, though they do share and acronym, WAM does not in this case refer to 'Wet and messy fetishism' Nope, this WAM is a 'leftist' woman's group 'fighting against gender bias in media'.  Now, I'm not going to do them the favor or you the insult of linking them here.  The page is full of horrible and racist graphic design to the point that it makes my half-ass blog look like masterpiece in comparison.

Nor am I going to discuss thier 'mission' much, because to me, WAM's mission statement looks like a blueprint on fleecing the more dull among us by using worn out gender outrage tropes.  Which, interestingly, seems much more common in the digital age than any science fiction writer thought it would be. Nor am I going to go into the fact that they are in no way shape or form, 'leftist'.

And one can only imagine the outrage agenda of such con-artists.

So.. twitter?  Your previous statements touting free speech?  Those legal battles you fought for your users?   Well, inviting WAM in does not pass the smell test twitter, not in the slightest.  You could, you know do something like bring in an impartial group to help you with this stuff, instead of people who insist on furthering the 'battle of the sexes' for profit.

But, twitter, I guess none of you have the balls to deal with your SJW problem. Because, you know, if you did, you would not be inviting more of them in?  Would you?

 #twitter #professionalvictim #gamergate #sjw #sjwcult #conartists #freespeech

Addendum: Predictably, Gawker has posted an outrage bait article defending WAM.  Archive Link here if you do not want to touch the poop.

Also, in  this thread reddit user DelusiveDinosaur points out that WAM is quite possibly violating California laws regarding internet privacy, and is most definitely violating EU laws on the matter.

One more thing, I know everyone reading this has a high enough IQ to know this, but do not troll, engage, or attempt to use logic with anyone from WAM unless you are legally and financially equipped to do so ;)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Blasting Away Enemies in Video Games Boosts Brain’s Learning, Research Suggests

Bloomberg has a story discussing a paper on PNAS that comes to the conclusion that people who regularly play video games are better at things such as multitasking and spatial awareness.

From the Bloomberg story:
"Players were better able to predict what was coming next, even when they were asked to identify patterns that had nothing to do with the game. Non-gamers also improved after researchers assigned them to play a game like “Call of Duty” for as long as two hours a day, five times a week for two months. The benefits lasted as long as a year.  "

Now, you know, that makes sense.  Why?  Well, what are you doing in the video games they discuss?  Most of the time, it boils down to hunting with friends.  Or one tribe against another.

As someone who plays these games, its always amazed me that, despite the fact 99% of us do not use them in a non-game setting, all the instincts for hunting are still there in the mind, just waiting to be used.

Both the Bloomberg story and the paper on PNAS talk about using call of duty to recover from a stroke.

And thats pretty big stuff for a hobby that's oft made fun of by the goody two-shoes of the world ;)

S#!t, I guess I should post something.

I have some ah, interesting health issues going on, so this blog is far from my first priority in life.

I am not going to discuss them here, my job here is to entertain, not depress you ;)  If you reaaaaaly want to tho, you can dig into my twitter history and dig it up.  I wouldn't if I were you, I mean, how boring is that?

Let me say that I have met, well, virtually, great people through #GamerGate.  Real, intelligent, thoughtful, non-sheep kinda people.  And I appreciate all of you potential rapists, especially the humorous banter, because lets face it, life's too short not to laugh at the absurdity of humans trying to get away with shit when they have known better since they were five years old!

So, as long as I'm here, I'm going to start giving my own humorous spin on the 'stories' spun out by the news regarding gaming.  And I will make fun of the narrative, with no regard to precious snowflake feels, when the narrative is so far from the truth that it looks like it was written by a someone on eight different drugs and an IQ of 12. 

I'll open up comments, though I'll admit right now, if you are a 14 year old SJW girl who is  deathly afraid of your own vagina and thinks everyone wants to rape you?  I'm gonna delete those comments :)

And you are going to see some ads, though, not the live annoying kind, because shit costs money, and that is the capitalist world we live in.  If you like my crap, then you like the ad, click on it. If you dont like an ad, do not click on it :)

Wish me luck on my foray into writing better than the retards I see all over google news!