Friday, August 22, 2014

Welcome to No Bullshit Gaming

Greetings Programs, 

Welcome to 'No Bullshit Gaming'. 

A place where gaming will be discussed, in a real and frank manner.  A place where SJW's will be mocked, White Knights fed to random Dragonchans, and anyone name 'Zoe' will be banned.

A place where you will not see payola articles, like on say, Kotaku, IGN, Ars Technica... crap this list would be waaay too long... hopefully you get what we are saying here :)

The opinions here will actually be from the writers.  And though, as human beings our opinions may be swayed with gifts and such, If we think a game is shit?  We will call it shit.

We sincerely hope that this level of honesty and lack of BS does not irreberably harm any precious little snowflakes.

So stay tuned, and in the meanwhile, game on!

- Aug 22 14 - Wanderbreed

Edit: Yes, I really do have the DA members permission for that image. She modified it from the original at my request.

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