Sunday, January 18, 2015

A cautionary tale

Let me tell you a story:

As I was finishing up a  a yet to be published piece on the psychology of loudly shouted clickbat lies a couple days ago, this picture of the #GamerGhazi man-hating-hambeast-discuss-knitting-and-how-to-harass-gamers-club, comes up ALL OVER my twitter feed:

It manages to hit my coworkers screen at about the same time, because when I call him over to look at it, to marvel at this train wreck of humanity, he says "Yeah, seen that. I know that girl in the middle."

And of course, my smiling response is "You are SHITTING ME!"

He proceeds to explain that no, he is not shitting me, and proceeds to tell me a story...

But before I retell it, I feel the need to say that the resolution of this picture makes it impossible to say without a shadow of a doubt that person who he is referring to is in this picture.

I did look at the photos of the person he referred to on facebook, and I am of the opinion it may or may not be this person.  The resemblance is close, but there are just not enough pixels to tell. And, No, I am not revealing the name of the source or the person the story is about, or using MS paint to make a crude circle around them in the above picture.

Also, this is one-source, though a trusted source, and I was not able to get another source for the story.  So to anyone shouting "trust but verify!", you have been forwarned that the following story might as well be a greentext.

But I digress...

The story he told me was of a very promiscuous young woman whom, in the midst of college and not wanting to work, proceeded to tell several different men that she had slept with, that she was pregnant. And that she would to take them to court if she did not receive "child support" from them.  They all complied...   paying her money each month.  Until 9 months went by and no child appeared.

I asked my co-worker how the hell that worked, and he said: "She was a bit fat at the time, that's how she got away with it".  Hmm, I'm sure there was a bit more to it than that...

AND, as if pulling this emotional and monetary extortion once is not scandalous enough, she then switched to a new group of men, and extorted them with the same story! For another 9 months.  Until no child appeared.

My co-worker says she did this at least twice that he knew of, before he cut ties with this person.

I guess if the same con works, whatever it may be, the con artist keeps using it eh?

My point in telling this cautionary tale?  Sociopaths like this can rarely be reasoned with,  but that does not excuse those of us who actually think and feel from turning a blind eye to their actions.

In contrast to what the tone-police would have you believe, when the SJW cult does criminal things, such things are not "internet drama".  They are examples of criminality and psychopathy to be held up for the world to see.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Mr. Olsens Pedo Adverture!

Edit: We do know the image was not working, we have now fixed it. The anti-gamergate tantrum-odyssey of the... not very bright Mr. Danial Olsen is a sad tale of actions likely to make the man end up in jail, and by now I'm sure you've heard most of it. 

I'm sure you've heard about a wannabe hacker setting up a board on 8-chan as bait, then notifying a few of their batpoop smoking friends, including Mr. Olsen.  And I'm sure you've heard about Mr. Olsen posting blurred out versions of what he thought of as underage pornagraphy found on this bait board, yet were actually child beauty contest pictures in an attempt to bring THE LAW down on 8-chan, and in his imagination, shut down the gamergate "base".  Still sickening, sure, but not technically illegal.

And yesterdays doozey, Mr. Olsen claiming he was behind the 8-chan DDoS.  Which, if I'm not mistaken, takes a tad more money to fund than a teacher would have lying about.  Really, Lizard Squads, um, 'tool' is much more likely to be rented out by criminal gang or an over privileged rich kid with a chip on their shoulder, for example, the Alex Littleshitz's, Brian Wu's, and Chelsea Van (oh no, I'm ashamed of my real name!) Valkenburgs of the world, than a wannabe crusader devoid of such disposable income.

But I digress.  My point: "Rate My Teacher" page was filled with interesting reviews.
yesterday, the internet gave us a beautiful thing.  Because after Mr. Olsen's hubris-filled claim of being responsible for the 8-chan DDoS, Mr. Olsens

Though this 'attack' is still occurring, most of it is gone now, but someone I know had the foresight to screenshot the first page of what was at one point, three pages of lulz.  Containing such linguistic gems as: "The oral exm was very hard, he kept deepthroating me" and "he let me do some a-nal on the side for extra credit. Now its all A+'s"

The image below is presented in its original size for readability. Enjoy! :)

Monday, November 24, 2014

The We Fart Initiative - SJW's are over.

Hey you, yeah you.  Sitting there, literally raping my blog with your eyes.

I dont have to take that sick rape-fetishist fantasy stuff from you, or any of your SJW victim-cult friends  anymore, from this day forward.

Why?  Because today, we here at No Bullshit Gaming are announcing the "We Fart" initiative!


We want the world to be a safe space where everyone, except you fuckers, are welcome.

We think critical thinking is nowhere to be found on tumblr, /r/srs, talking time, or in any other SJW infested rathole.  Especially github.   Fork github right in the repro.  Forkin dongles.

We do NOT like to play silly elementary-school level social games, and think your winy asses should just grow up.

We think that if you want a world where free thought is seriously repressed, you should go back to late 1930's Germany, just before they rounded up all the Jews, Gays, and Trannies.

We think it is simply wrong to hate everyone.  Or wear sequined crocks.  That is seriously wrong.

Want to join us?

  • Whenever you see an SJW on Twitter, Facebook, Steam, Tumblr or any other social media service, post a gif of someone farting.
  • Add a splash screen with a fart animation to your game or redneck trailer!
  • Be sure to eat gassy foods, like beans, and mushrooms.
  • Whenever you see an SJW in public, be it bus, classroom, or elevator, cropdust them!

Lets raise a stink for free speech!

Addendum:  This was inspired by a discussion of recent events a couple days ago, when the SJW cult was at maximum cognitive dissonance. I decided to go a bit far with it, because humor should push boundries, even if its just a little.

#humor #parody #wefart #sjwcult

Please note the above is humor, and that we at No Bullshit Gaming believe that no one, ever, should be cropdusted.